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buying a home in colorado springs

House direction – Does it matter?

By in Buying On July 12, 2011

If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, the orientation of the home may be an important factor to you.  It's easy to forget about snow in Colorado when looking for a home during the warm months and although we may not receive as much snow as in previous years, it does…

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Buying a home – Can you have it ALL?

By in Buying On July 11, 2011

You are a responsible adult, ready to buy a home, and start the process by getting prequalified for a mortgage loan.  You contact a reputable Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent and list your specifications for the home you would like to purchase. You start looking at homes and unfortunately, not one of them you view…

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Fees associated with buying a home before closing

By in Buying On July 5, 2011

Aside from closing costs and their down payment, buyers often ask what fees are associated with purchasing a home in Colorado Springs.  Even if buyers receive down payment assistance through CHFA or obtain a VA loan where no down payment is required, they will still need funds to cover inspections and the appraisal prior to…

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Buying a home in Colorado Springs – the walk-through

By in Buying On June 25, 2011

If you buy a home in Colorado Springs, you will most likely perform a walk-through of the property prior to closing day.  The purpose of a walk-through with your real estate agent is to ensure that the home is left in the same condition agreed upon by all parties of the purchase contract. If a…

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Handling advice when you are buying a home in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On May 31, 2011

Looking for the right home to buy in Colorado Springs can be overwhelming for home buyers especially when they sift through advice from family, friends, and coworkers. Buyers may receive unsolicited advice when it comes to how much to offer on a home, type of financing to obtain, how to find bargains, what type of…

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5 factors for home buyers that are parents-to-be

By in Buying On May 6, 2011

Buyers may want to consider additional factors when looking for a home if they are parents-to- be or plan on having children in the near future.  Below are some things to keep in mind when making a decision on a home to buy in Colorado Springs. 1.) Floor Plan - Are all of the bedrooms…

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What buyers need to know about HOA Dues

By in Buying On April 6, 2011

Many buyers think about the amount of their monthly mortgage payment when purchasing a home and often overlook HOA dues.  There are many neighborhoods in Colorado Springs that do not have a Home Owner's Association (HOA) but many condominiums, townhomes, and single family homes in newer neighborhoods have active HOA's.  A mortgage loan officer does…

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Can a real estate agent show you any listing?

By in Buying On January 13, 2011

I have had many buyers recently ask me if a buyer's agent can show any listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Some buyers think agents can only show their own listings or listings advertised through their brokerage office. Real estate agents are able to show listings marketed by other real estate offices and agents. …

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Research vacant land near a home

By in Buying On November 23, 2010

It is easy to focus on the house and lot you are looking to buy and forget about the surrounding area.  In many instances, there is vacant land near the home or behind the home.  Buyers should research how the land will be used in the future years to come and how it is zoned. …

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Advantages for Cash Buyers

By in Buying On November 17, 2010

Obtaining a mortgage loan has become a more difficult and frustrating process for home buyers.  Furthermore, appraisals subject to specific conditions (i.e. roof repair) can cause additional barriers with financing.  Most loans take approximately 30 days to close so buyers acquiring financing cannot always close on a home as quickly as they would like.  Being…

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