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Colorado Springs Home Seller FAQs

Does it matter what time of year I sell my house and how much should I list it for?

There are many reasons people move; whether it is a job change, military relocation, or a growing family, people are always buying and selling homes. However, homes do seem to sell quicker in some seasons versus others. In Colorado, if you list your home between March and July you will probably sell your home sooner than if you listed it in the dead of winter. Many families like to move in the summer time before school begins instead of changing schools mid-year. Of course, it is also easier to move when the sun is shining opposed to when it is snowing and cold! There seems to be more of a demand for homes in the summer but the market supply and demand can change. For example, there can be more homes on the market for sale than there are available buyers; this is often called a “buyer’s market.” It is always a good idea to have your real estate agent prepare a Comparative Market Analysis so you can find out what other homes in your area have been selling for in the current market.  

I’m thinking of finishing my basement will I get a return on my investment?

Many homeowners remodel their homes whether it is for enjoyment, better functionality, or to increase the value of their home. Although you probably will not get dollar for dollar return on your investment, certain remodels can not only increase the salability of your home but also the listing price. Some remodels have a higher return then others. Remodeling your kitchen, bathrooms, or finishing the basement is going to probably give you a better return on your investment then other remodels. As with any remodel, be cautious not to over improve for the neighborhood because you may not get a good return on your investment.  

How do I prepare my home to be put on the market?

Walk through your home and look around for any problems or repairs that need to be taken care of before listing your home. Take the time to clean your home so it looks nice for showings; it will pay off! You may even find it helpful to hire a home stager to make your home appealing to prospective buyers. Take a look at the seller tips section for more advice on getting your home ready to sell; you would be surprised how inexpensive changes can transform the look and feel of your home!  

Should I have my home professionally staged to sell?

There are nearly 5,500 homes for sale in the Colorado Springs area and if you want your home to sell it has to stand out from the others. Not every home requires staging but staging can make the difference between a home selling or sitting on the market. Speak with your REALTOR® and he/she can recommend if you need to consult with a stager. If your home is vacant, staging it would be a good idea. Staging a home not only can speed up the sale of your home, but it also may increase the price for which the property sells.  

Do I have to pay my REALTOR® a commission?

As a seller, you usually do have to pay your agent’s commission as well as a commission to the real estate agent who brings you a buyer for your home. Prior to listing your home with an agent, take the opportunity to discuss and negotiate the fees to be paid for the sale your home. Some home sellers choose the option to sell the home “For Sale by Owner” to avoid paying a commission. As with anything do your research to find out which option is better for you.  

Do I have to pay closing costs?

Sellers have their own closing costs to pay when they sell a home which is completely separate from the buyer closing costs. In the current market, it is not uncommon for sellers to pay closing costs for the buyer. Also, if the buyer of your home has VA financing then you will have to pay the “non-allowable fees” or closing costs that cannot be paid by the borrower outside of the “allowable” charges. Additional Reading: 5 things you can’t sell your home without Should you provide a home warranty? Have you checked the info for your home in the MLS? What happens if my home doesn’t appraise? Should I finish the basement in my home? If you have any questions, or would like further information please contact me…your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent.