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Colorado Springs Home Selling Tips

1. Make a good First Impression: The curb appeal of your home and entry way will be the first impression for prospective buyers. Keep the yard maintained and clear any obstacles in the yard and entry way prior to showings. Consider applying a new coat of paint or installing new hardware on the front door. Minor changes such as purchasing a new porch light, welcome mat, or house number plaque can make a difference.

2. Storage: Storage space is a must for many buyers especially families, so make sure you make you streamline your storage areas so they look accommodating.

3. Clean the Closets: An organized closet appears larger. Now’s the time to donate those unwanted clothes to a charity and organize all of the clutter in your closets!

4. Bathrooms: Clean, operating bathrooms help sell homes. Make sure the tubs and showers are caulked and tile grout is clean. If possible, remove the clutter and display your best towels and floor mats.

5. Bedrooms: Having too much furniture in a bedroom can make it look small and cluttered, have your REALTORĀ® or a home stager give you advice on your bedrooms as well as other rooms around the house so they look their best. Make the beds and pick up clothes prior to showings to give prospective buyers a good impression.

6. Keep it Bright: Keep your home bright and cheery during showings by keeping your curtains and blinds open during the day. This gives prospective buyers a chance to see the views from your home as well. Turning on all your lights for showings during the evening adds warmth to your home and makes it convenient for prospective buyers when going from room to room.

7. Reduce Distractions: Try to keep your animals in a safe place and out of the way during showings and keep the television or any other loud distractions turned off.

8. De-personalize Your Home: When you have a buyer come see your home, you want them to able to envision themselves living in it, not the owner! Therefore, try to stage it to look like a model home; keep family photos down to a minimum or anything else that would prevent the buyer from seeing themselves living in the home.

9. Kitchen: Make sure your kitchen is shown off to its full potential, this is where families spend most of their time. If needed, apply a fresh coat of paint. Clear extra appliances and other unnecessary clutter off of the countertops. Consider updating the lighting so the kitchen is bright. The blinds should be clean and window treatments are a plus.

10. Clear the clutter: Prior to listing your home, consider what items you can live without until your home sells. Whatever items you do not throw out or donate, temporarily place in storage such as extra furniture, clothes, and toys. Remember, prospective buyers do look in your closets, basement, and garage, make sure to keep them clean and clutter free! The more organized they are the larger they will appear. If needed, new paint and carpet will give the house a fresh appearance. Make sure you replace burned out bulbs and complete any minor repairs needed in the home. Don’t forget to clean the windows inside and out.

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