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Colorado Springs Real Estate – Does the seller have to tell you everything about the house?

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Sellers in Colorado Springs are required to disclose certain things about their home but not everything. If there are any adverse material facts about the home, the seller’s Realtor® must disclose it to the buyer.

On the other hand, if there is something that happened in the home that could stigmatize the property, the seller nor their Realtor® are required to disclose it to the buyer.  For example, if a seller believes there is a ghost in the home or if there was a murder or suicide that took place, it does not have to be disclosed to the buyer.

So how do you find out more information about a home in Colorado Springs?

You can find out information simply by speaking to other people living in the neighborhood.  If something significant occurred in the home, you will probably find out from the next door neighbors.

Listed below are a few simple questions you can ask the neighbors:

1.  How do you like this neighborhood?
2.  Is there anything important that I need to know before moving here?
3.  Can you tell me about the previous owners who lived next door?

Keep in mind, once you move into a home, you create your own memories and anything that happened in the home is the past, it doesn’t have to impact the future.  If you don’t feel comfortable, move on to something else.  There are many homes for sale in Colorado Springs.  Listen to your gut, some homes may give you an unsettling feeling.


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