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5 changes that affect investors in Colorado Springs

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1.  Fewer properties– Investors were allowed up to 10 investment properties in the past but since mortgage restrictions have tightened up, investors are now only allowed to finance a total of 4 investment properties.

2.  Extra Fees– Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will be imposing additional fees to investor loans due to the current real estate market.

3.  Capital Gains– As a result of the recently passed Housing Stimulus Bill, investors who convert their investment property into their primary residence may have to pay taxes on a portion of their capital gains.  For more information:  H.R. 3221

4.  1031 Exchanges– Investors still have flexibility when making a “like kind” exchange of two properties.  For more information:  Section 1031

5.  LLC Restrictions– Freddie Mac is no longer refinancing loans for properties in an LLC.  For more information:  Loans and LLC’s

*If you are an investor in Colorado Springs, refer to your tax accountant to find out how the new changes in legislation may affect you.

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