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Colorado Springs Homeowners – Go Green!

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More and more home builders are going green when it comes to construction and making homes more energy efficient. Using green materials in your home not only is better for the environment but also for your home, your health, and your pocketbook! Check out the list below…

1.  Use energy efficient appliances (indicated by their ENERGY STAR®ratings).

2.  Use natural products to clean and disinfect your home such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

3.  Save energy and purchase more efficient compact fluorescent or LED lighting in your home and open your blinds during the day!

4.  Have your furnace regularly cleaned and change your filter once a month to ensure it performs to its highest efficiency.

5.  Install energy efficient windows in your home such as Low-E windows.

6.  Use supplemental forms of power such as solar panels and wind turbines and contact your utility company about various options they offer.

7.  Use a programmable thermostat to keep your heating bill under control.

8.  Install bamboo or tile flooring instead of solid hardwood or carpet.

9.  Replace faucets and showerheads with Low-flow fixtures.

10.  Use non-toxic paint next time you paint a room in your home.

For more info:  The Green Home Guide

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