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Colorado Springs Homes: Downsizing and planning for the future

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Many homeowners make the decision to downsize.  Often times, a large living area is no longer needed once the children have grown or many are planning for retirement and want to find a home where they can live in comfortably without having to move again.

For those who plan on purchasing a home to stay in for the years to come need to think about a few important factors:

1.  Floor plan: A ranch style home that offers main level living will probably be more accommodating than a floor plan with many stairs.  Individuals who experience knee replacements, arthritis, use a walker, or a wheelchair may be hindered by too many stairs.  A floor plan with enough space and privacy for guests who visit is a factor for some as well.  The property type is another decision to make.  Some favor living in a single family home while others may prefer a patio home, condo, or independent senior living community.

2. Yard size: A large yard will require more maintenance and will be a factor for buyers who do not want to deal with yard work in the years to come.  Conversely, it can be a positive for buyers who enjoy spending time in the garden.  Some may even consider a Xeriscaped yard for easy maintenance and a lower water bill.  For those who yard without having to do the work may prefer living in a home where the exterior is maintained by the local HOA.

3. Modifications: Some homes are easier to modify than others.  Seniors may want to add grab bars, ramps, or other modifications that are necessary.  The size of rooms is also important; homes with narrow hallways or small bathrooms may not meet the needs of some buyers.

4. Location: Seniors may want to live in a home that is conveniently located near family, friends, activities, church, and shopping centers.  Living in a neighborhood near parks, trails, a golf course, or a Recreation Center could be another factor.  This may be a time when many make the decision to move to another state closer to loved ones.

5. Amenities: If you don’t plan on moving to another home in the future, why not buy a home with a few things you have always wanted in a dream home?  Privacy, a gourmet kitchen, radiant floor heating, theater room, wine cellar, lighting system, workshop, or master suite may be a few of the wants on your list.

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