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Raking the leavesBlade to Blade Lawn & Landscape has provided lawn care tips for the fall season…

Fall is now upon us and the weather is awesome! I hope that you are enjoying the sunny cool days and the brisk nights. We want  you to have a successful landscape and now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter and get prepared. The Fall will set the stage for winter and ultimately how your lawn will react to the upcoming spring. Preparation begins now and you can avoid a lot of agony by following a few simple steps. Vitality and health in your landscape begins right now. We will give you a step by step process on how to avoid problems and ensure prosperity next season. We appreciate your continuing business and look forward to serving you next year!

#1 Maintaining proper moisture level
This is a critical time of the year for the landscapes. Most people have already blown out and winterized their sprinklers and have not watered the lawn since. This sets the lawn and landscape up for significant failure.   I have someone ask me almost everyday, “How much do I water now”? Here is a general rule of thumb: If it is in between 50 and 70 degrees, water twice per week. If it is between 40 and 60 degrees water once per week. If it is consistently below 50 degrees, water every ten to 14 days if we do not get 6″ to 12″ of snow. Water trees and shrubs as well. Trees should be watered ten gallons for every in of diameter in the tree once every two weeks. Shrubs should be watered in a similar manner, once every two weeks during the winter. If all of this is too much, please call upon us and take part in our winter watering program, it’s well worth it!

#2 Preparing your soil
Getting water and air to the roots is a critical aspect of turf management. Core aeration helps achieve this. It also helps de-compact the soil and helps mitigate thatch (dead root layer on top of the soil). As long as you are able to water the lawn and it is above 50 degrees it is an appropriate time to aerate! Whether you did not get around to it this spring or you have a lawn that needs to extra attention, aeration, which is essentially cultivation of the soil is a great weapon in the lawn management arsenal. We still have plenty of time if you are interested in having this done.

#3 Feeding your roots
Fall is by far the most important time to fertilize. While there is no deadline to fertilize, the objective is to apply an application of fertilizer after the grass has stopped growing so that the plant will store the nutrients in the roots rather than using it for growth. This allows the grass plant to draw upon this resource during the winter and allows the plant an easier time when it begins to wake up from the cold in the spring. If you are not already a fertilization customer call us today because it really helps get the grass where it needs to be.

#4 Fall Cleanup service  
By now you probably have a lawn full of leaves and you are wondering, “How am I ever going to pick this up before the snow gets on it”? Who has the time? Well, we do! We can not only get the landscape picked up, we can make it “Look like nothing ever fell”. With our backpack blowers and our high powered Walker mowers, we can clean a property in a hurry. The snow will be upon us soon, so if you need this service call us now and you can have the cleanest house on the block. 

Brian Beck with BLADE to BLADE Lawn & Landscape



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