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How the Lead-Based Paint Law May Affect You

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Since April 22, 2010, licensed contractors are required to be certified renovators in lead-safe work practices if they do any repair or renovation involving lead-based paint.This includes disturbing the paint (sanding, scraping, prepping, etc…) in properties (i.e. homes, child-care facilities) built before 1978.An individual would not be considered to be disturbing the paint (forming dust) if painting over intact paint.The law is required with any renovations that are at least 6 sq ft in a room, 20 sq ft outside, or if windows are changed/replaced.

Someone can have a property built prior to 1978 tested for lead based paint and if the test comes back negative, the law does not apply.Someone may choose to have an inspection performed since lead-based paint was phased out of interiors after 1950 and exteriors after 1960.A lead-based paint inspection can be costly.

If it is reported that a contractor is found in violation, the contractor may be fined $37,500 per violation and/or the contractor can risk his/her certification being suspended or revoked.Citizens can report violations as well.

Although contractors are required to be certified in lead-safe work practices, it is not required for individuals doing work on their own home or do-it-yourselfers as long as compensation is not involved.

People can visit in order to find more information regarding lead-based paint and to see a list of approved contractors that are certified.

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