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If you plan on selling your home in Colorado Springs don’t get offended by low offers

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If you are planning on selling your home in Colorado Springs, it is still a buyer’s market.  Buyers have a wide selection of homes to choose from and when they find a home they like which may be your home, they probably will not offer full price unless there is another offer on the table.  I am seeing many homes receive competing offers that are priced correctly for the market.

If you receive an offer that is low from a buyer, try not to get emotional about it.  Instead focus on your goal which is to sell your home and work with your Colorado Springs Realtor to negotiate with the buyer and their agent. 

Everything is negotiable and a buyer has a right to request whatever they desire.  You can react and reject their offer without trying to negotiate but I do not recommend doing that because you don’t know when the next offer will come along.  Why not try to work with the offer you have already received?  Be optimistic and give it a shot.

Don’t try to prove something by flat out rejecting the offer in a buyer’s market.  The buyer doesn’t care and they will move on to another

Negotiations are an integral part of selling a home in Colorado Springs and an experienced Realtor will assist you but negotiations cannot take place if sellers reject every offer that comes in.

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