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Inspect the stucco before buying a home in Colorado Springs

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Stucco has become increasingly popular in recent years. It not only looks nice but requires low maintenance when compared to other types of traditional siding. If you are buying a home in Colorado Springs that has a stucco exterior, make sure and have the stucco inspected.

Stucco siding has been applied improperly, especially in the 1990’s.  If stucco is applied incorrectly, water may seep in behind the stucco and cause major damage to the home’s framework resulting in large amounts of mold or cause the wood to rot. Stucco repairs can be very costly so it is best to avoid the large bill before buying a stucco home in Colorado Springs.

The inspector will look for signs of moisture behind the stucco, any cracking, holes, or other imperfections. If there is a gap between the stucco siding and the windows of the home, water may find a way in between those small gaps.

Avoid thousands of dollars in repairs by hiring a qualified professional to inspect the stucco exterior of the home you plan on purchasing.

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