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Trying to sell a home on a busy road?

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Selling a home on a busy road can be tough, especially in the current market.  There are some factors to keep in mind when trying to sell a home on a busy road in Colorado Springs:

Homes that are on a busy road or back to one, tend to sell for less than homes that do not

Homes on or near busy roads can take longer to sell since the pool of potential buyers is smaller

It is so important to think of resale when purchasing a home and this is one factor many buyers consider.  It’s not the end of the world if sellers have a property near a high traffic area but they do need to be realistic.  It will take time to sell it and depending how busy the road is, the price may have to be adjusted to compensate for the road.

Keep in mind there are buyers out there that do not mind living on or near a busy road.  They may be moving from a larger city where they are used to noise or they may have lived in another home in a busy area and didn’t mind it at all!

What can you do to make your home more appealing to buyers if it is located on or near a busy road?

Install high quality vinyl windows. Noise will penetrate through older aluminum windows more than vinyl windows.

Landscape. Having larger trees, a privacy fence, or a water feature can help cut down on the noise from the road.

Highlight the positives for buyers. Buyers do not have a home directly behind them (or in front of them) if the home is located on or near a road.  If important areas of the home such as the kitchen and master bedroom are further away from the road, that is a plus.

Play some music. Many homes that buyers look at have music playing throughout the home.  Do not try to conceal the noise of traffic but having some music playing is a nice touch with any home for sale.  Buyers can get an idea how loud traffic is when there is activity in the home such as music playing, having the television on, or communicating with one another during dinner.  Most homes are active and not totally silent 24 hours a day.

Attractive Window Coverings. If the windows in a home near a road are not covered that is going to be more noticeable to buyers.  Having nice window coverings that allow for privacy will help buyers picture the possibilities.

Be patient if you are trying to sell a home in a high traffic area and gain advice from your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent when it comes to pricing it correctly.

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