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Month: November 2011

What do the KIDS say about the house?

By in Buying

Most home buyers who are parents will have their children come along when looking for the right home to purchase.  Some kids are more patient and well behaved than others but they all have one thing in common:  a reaction. Parents and their Colorado Springs real estate agent should pay attention to the child’s reaction […]

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Should sellers stay home during a home inspection?

By in Selling

If you are selling a home for the first time in Colorado Springs, you may not know what your role is in certain aspects of the transaction.  For example, many home sellers do not know whether they are should be present during the home inspection.  The majority of home buyers hire a professional home inspector […]

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El Paso County Home Sales for October 2011

By in Market Reports

Home sales increased by 12.8% in El Paso County for the month of October when compared to September and sales were 20% higher when compared to October 2010. There were 127 additional single family home sales in October 2011 when compared to October 2010.  There were also an additional 1,165 single family homes for sale […]

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