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What do the KIDS say about the house?

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Most home buyers who are parents will have their children come along when looking for the right home to purchase.  Some kids are more patient and well behaved than others but they all have one thing in common:  a reaction.

Parents and their Colorado Springs real estate agent should pay attention to the child’s reaction to a home during a showing.

Some children are very vocal with their opinions of the home:

“I love this house!”

“Can this be my room?”

“I want to leave now!!”

“I don’t like this house”

Other children may not say much but their nonverbal actions can reveal how they feel about the house.  Sometimes they do not want to go inside or they look through the home quickly and wait by the door or outside for their parent(s) until finished.   If they like the home, children may play in the backyard or inside the home during the showing.  A child’s nonverbal cues can indicate whether they like or dislike a home.

When I recall instances where buyers with children proceeded to purchase a home, their children often had a reaction to that specific home and their reaction was different from the other properties we looked at during the home search.

I recently worked with a buyer in Colorado Springs and her son quickly became impatient when we would view homes.  The home this single mom ended up buying was an exception and when we walked through it, her son was very quiet the entire time that we were there.  The little boy explored the home and walked around familiarizing himself with each room.  I also noticed him sitting on furniture in various areas of the home, clearly indicating he was very comfortable there.

When viewing homes, don’t ignore the kids; they are an important part of the process and may give you some valuable input when it comes to the final decision.

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