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5 Reasons you should work with a Colorado Springs Realtor®

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Many buyers often ask “Why do I need a real estate agent when I am looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs?”  There are multiple reasons it benefits buyers to work with their own Realtor® when buying a home.

1.  You need representation– It is so important to have an advocate when it comes to navigating through the home buying process:  finding the right home, figuring out the right price to offer, negotiations, and understanding various types of transactions (HUD, VA, Bank owned, and short sales).  Since the seller pays the buyer’s agent, buyers do not have to worry about coming up with the funds to pay their agent.  Having a real estate agent who can negotiate for your benefit is important.

2.  Documents and Resources- Documents related to the real estate transaction can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with them.  Your Colorado Springs real estate agent can assist you in understanding the title commitment, HOA documents, inspection report, appraisal report, and seller disclosures.  Your real estate agent can also provide you with useful resources when it comes to school reports, crime maps, and other pertinent information you need to know when choosing the right home.

3.  Contract terms- If you have ever bought a home, I’m sure you remember the complex contract and addendums.  Unless you understand real estate contracts, signing a legally binding contract without a real estate agent is unwise.  By working with an experienced real estate agent, you can feel confident that the paperwork you are signing has been reviewed.

4.  Expertise- Your Colorado Springs Realtor® can pull comparable properties that have sold in the area so you can have an idea of the real estate market conditions in the area.  Additionally, your Colorado Springs Realtor® may point out positives or negatives about the home or floor plan that you may have overlooked.  Your real estate agent may also know of additional home areas that you are not aware of.

5.  Protection- When you have an advocate working on your behalf, you can trust that your Realtor® will keep your best interests in mind throughout the process.  Whether it comes to a difficult inspection, complicated short sale, or needing advice in what direction to go, your real estate agent will be your guide.

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