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Colorado Springs Home Sellers, have you checked the info in the MLS?

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I was showing a home to a buyer recently and the seller happened to be present.  I mentioned to the homeowner that one of the streets leading to her home was missing from the directions that were listed in the MLS. Since she had not reviewed the listing information for her home, she requested I leave my MLS sheet with her to review so she could inform her agent of any additional corrections that needed to be made.

Sellers should review all of the information posted about their home for sale in Colorado Springs to ensure everything is accurate.  If there is incorrect data about the home in the MLS, it may affect the sale of their home.  For example, if the agent does not indicate the home has central A/C, buyers who are looking to purchase a home that has air conditioning may dismiss it.  Sellers should request their real estate agent in Colorado Springs provide them with a hard copy or link to the MLS information for the home.  Below is a list of a few items home sellers should review:

Directions:  Are the directions to your home accurate?  Double check that the directions listed are the easiest/best way to get to your home.

Property Taxes:  Did the agent post the correct and most recent taxes for the property?

Schools:  The school district including the Grade, Middle, and High Schools should be listed, are they correct?

Home specs:  Review the description for siding, windows, basement type, etc…  For example, if you have a walk-out basement, make sure it is properly noted in the MLS.

Homeowner’s Association:  Is the HOA contact information correct?  Are the HOA dues listed in the MLS current (amount and frequency)?  Did the real estate agent indicate what the HOA dues cover or include?

Home features and amenities:  Ensure all of the important features and amenities of your home are included and notify your agent if something is missing or inaccurate.

Inclusions/Exclusions:  Are all of the listed inclusions and exclusions correct?  This is one common area of misunderstanding between buyers and sellers so make sure everything is clearly stated.  If you have two fridges and one is excluded, make sure you are specific.

Flooring:  Did the agent state you had hardwood flooring but it is actually wood laminate?  Do you have linoleum in the entry but the agent indicated it was tile?

Photos:  Are any of the photos mislabeled or blurry?  Did the agent include enough photos of your home?  Many buyers automatically disregard a home if there are no photos or if there is only an exterior photo of the home.  They often assume something is wrong with the interior and that is why the agent didn’t post photos.

Property Description:  Did the real estate agent highlight important features you wanted to include about your home?  Do you notice any spelling errors?  Typos are very common in the MLS and you do not want your home listing to have any!

QR Code:  If there is a QR code on the for sale sign or property flyer, scan it with your smart phone and make sure the web browser takes you to information about your home and not another!

Many Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents will provide property flyers for buyers who drive by the For Sale sign.  Don’t assume all of the information is correct, review the property flyer for your home as well!

Accurate and complete information about your home in the MLS (including nice photos) brings you one step closer to successfully selling your home in Colorado Springs!



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