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Colorado Springs Real Estate – Protect your vacant home

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There have been many instances in Colorado Springs where vacant homes have been broken into or where people have been found occupying a vacant home without the owner’s permission.  If you have a Colorado Springs home for sale that is vacant, it is important to take certain precautions in order to decrease the probability that your vacant home gets broken into.

1.  Install a security system–  A security system provides an additional safeguard if your home in Colorado Springs is
vacant.  Agents can disarm and arm the alarm system if they are showing your home.

2.  Use lighting to your advantage– Have some lamps set on timers inside your vacant home and have light sensors installed outside so flood lights or other exterior lights turn on during the night.

3. Have someone keep watch– If you are living in another state, have a neighbor or someone else you trust check on the home periodically to ensure the property is in good condition and safe.

4. Stop newspaper subscriptions and mail to the home– People know a home is empty if mail piles up in the mailbox and newspapers stack up on the driveway.  Contact your post office in order to change the address your mail goes to.  Also, stop any other subscriptions such as the Gazette unless you have someone who can pick up the paper daily.

5.  Lock all windows and doors– It sounds like common sense but many people forget to lock all windows and doors.  Ensure any agents showing your home are also advised to lock all doors after showing the home.  Make sure to secure sliding doors and windows in the basement.

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