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Don’t wait until the day before closing to start packing!

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There is plenty to move once you sell a home especially after living in it for many years.  Often, sellers don’t want to deal with the clutter so they put off the process of moving items into a storage unit.  Less is more when it comes to selling a home in Colorado Springs.  Buyers can’t see the space a home has to offer if it is cluttered.  Packing in advance not only prepares your home for sale but it also alleviates the stress of having to do everything last minute before closing.

Many sellers think they have plenty of time to pack up prior to moving out but once they receive an offer only to find out they have 30 days to do everything, panic sets in.  Packing up seasonal items like Christmas decorations, clothing, toys, and whatever else you are not currently using is a good place to start.  Neatly stacking the boxes in your basement or garage is an option if you cannot afford a storage unit.  You may even have a family member or friend that will allow you to temporarily store bulk items in their basement.

Once under contract, you may have to focus your efforts on repairs that may arise from the buyer’s inspection.  Obtaining estimates and getting the repairs completed can take time.  Don’t wait until the last minute to pack, you’re going to have to  do it if you sell your house anyway!


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