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Homebuyers: Tips for moving into your Colorado Springs Home

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You finally found your dream home, your loan has been approved and all you have left is your closing.  With all of the busyness during the buying process you must not forget about the details involved with moving!

Buy plenty of boxes or plastic containers to use for packing.  I prefer plastic containers because they do not fall apart as easily as boxes, especially if it happens to rain or snow on moving day.  They may be more expensive but you can use them again!

Go through clothes and household items and donate everything you do not need or use to charity or hold a garage sale.  The less you have to move the better so get rid of things before moving into your new home and make your move a little easier.

Organize your packing by room (kitchen, bathrooms, living room) or items (bedding, books, dishes).  Label necessary boxes “fragile” so extra care is used when moving those boxes and breaks can be avoided.  Packing wisely will hopefully prevent items from getting lost in the move.

You have a few options when it comes to moving your things from one place to another:

1. Rent a U-haul
2. Order PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) and have them delivered to your new home
3. Hire a moving company
4. Have your items delivered to your home for free through the military
5. Move everything using your own truck or friend’s truck who kindly offered to loan it to you :D

The options listed above each have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Depending on the amount of furniture and other items you have to move, one option may work better for you than another.  If you are going to hire a moving company, make sure and call at least three different movers to find out what the cost is and what the cost includes since prices and services provided may vary.

The busiest time for moving is between June and September.  If you are going to move during busy season, try moving in the middle of the month and the middle of the week instead of the end of the month and the end of the week like everyone else.  Remember to turn off/transfer your utilities, transfer trash service, and change your address with the
post office.

If you have pets plan ahead.  Pets often have a difficult time traveling and making transitions so make sure to keep them comfortable and calm.  My cat does not like traveling but having a carrier that is spacious really helps when moving her from one house to another.  Having a friend or pet hotel baby-sit your pets on moving day is probably more relaxing for them and keeps them out of the way during the moving process.

Planning ahead will make the move for your family and pets into your new home go more smoothly!

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