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Landlords, Tenants, and Marijuana Use in Colorado Springs

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marijuanaLandlords in the Colorado Springs area may be confused how recent legislation relating to the recreational us of marijuana in the state of Colorado will impact their rental properties.  Tenants who use marijuana for recreational use may be unsure also.

Landlords need to be aware even though recreational use of marijuana is legal on the state level, it is still illegal on the federal level.   Landlords need to be clear with their tenants on expectations when it comes to marijuana use in their rental properties.  Stating it clearly in the lease is wise.

Although it is legal for homeowners to have domesticated animals in their homes, landlords do have the right to prohibit tenants from having animals in the rental property.  Smoking cigarettes is legal but landlords can be firm on having non-smoking tenants.  In my opinion, even if recreational use of marijuana became legal on a federal level, landlords do reserve the right to make the decision whether or not to permit the use of pot and/or growing of marijuana on their property.

Although, recreational use of marijuana has been approved in Colorado, tenants need to be aware that does not automatically give them permission to use marijuana in the rental property in which they reside.  Tenants also have the right to seek out a rental property that will permit the recreational use of marijuana.  There will be some landlords in Colorado Springs who agree with it and others who do not.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in Colorado Springs and would like clarification of how the state legislation affects you, speak with an attorney for more information as this post is not to be taken as legal advice.

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