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Homeowners in Colorado Springs tend to forget about the gutters on their home or just put off checking the gutters since it can be an inconvenience.  Maintaining your home (including the gutters) will help prevent larger issues from arising later if they are addressed in a timely manner.

You can hire someone if you do not feel comfortable inspecting the gutters yourself.  A few things to check for include:

Standing water.  Gutters should not have standing water in them for long periods of time.  Standing water can be a sign of improper sloping.  The problem can be remedied by sloping the gutter properly to keep the water moving vs. standing in the gDownpipeutters.

Downspouts and Extensions:  Are yourdownspouts clear?  This can be easily tested by running some water down the downspout.  If they are clogged, your gutters will overflow since the water has nowhere to go!  Are the downspouts equipped with extensions where needed?  Missing downspout extensions can cause water to pool near the home and over time, can negatively impact the home’s foundation.

Debris.  Are the gutters clean?  If they are filled with dirt, leaves, and debris, they will not operate properly.  If you live in areas with large trees like downtown Colorado Springs, it is likely your gutters will fill with leaves.  Make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris, branches, etc…

Condition.  Are any of the gutters bent or damaged?  Are all of the gutters properly attached?  You may have to replace some of the gutters or make adjustments in order for them to operate correctly.

Leaks.  Do any of the gutters leak?  If so, figure out where the leak is coming from or what is causing the leak.  Older gutters tend to rust through resulting in holes.  If the gutters do have any holes, it is best to replace the gutter as repairing it may only be a temporary fix.

Keeping your gutters in good condition will protect other components of your home from damage such as the paint and siding.  If your home does not have gutters (believe it or not, many homes don’t!) have someone inspect the roof lines to confirm whether or not the house needs any gutters.


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