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No Showings? Take Action!

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Increasing the chances of your home selling in the current market takes more work than it did in the past.  It is still a buyer’s market and with many homes for sale in Colorado Springs, marketing your home properly has never been more important.

One of the most crucial factors in getting your home sold is the list price and if you are not getting showings, it is probably not priced correctly for the market in your area.  Many sellers who do not receive showings often just keep on waiting for something to happen instead of taking action.  Sitting around and playing the waiting game is not the answer if you are trying to sell your home.  You need showings to occur before an offer comes your way.

The first few weeks a home is listed on the market is usually the most active period; if that is not the case, the sellers and their Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent need to figure out why potential buyers are not stopping by to see the home.  The market is always changing even while your home is listed for sale and sometimes price adjustments are need to be made.

Buyers have many options and are not interested in paying more for a home than it’s worth.  Remember, the end goal is for your home to sell, not to sit stale on the market!

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