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Want more showings? Remove these barriers!

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Clutter – Removing clutter will make rooms appear more spacious and clean.  Cluttered rooms make it difficult for buyers to clearly visualize their own belongings in the home.

Cleanliness– Keeping your home clean for showings takes work but a messy home is not appealing to a prospective buyer in Colorado Springs.  Make your home stand out from the others by keeping it clean and smelling nice!

Inflexibility– The more restrictions you place on the showing of your home, the fewer showings you are likely to have.  There are many homes on the market and if you make it difficult for a buyer to see your home, they will just move on to something else.

Over pricingOver pricing your home in the current market will only set you up for disappointment.  Pricing plays an enormous role in whether your home sells so make sure it is priced accordingly for the market in your area.  If you want a lot more for your home and do not have to sell right now, then by all means, wait.

Pets– Pets can interfere in the showing of your home so it is best to remove them during showings if at all possible!

Photos– If you only have a photo of the front of your home on the MLS, many buyers will assume something is wrong with the inside of the home since no photos of the interior are posted.  Having multiple quality photos posted on the MLS will increase the number of showings you receive.

Information– An accurate and informative description on the MLS about your home’s features will attract buyers.  Including measurements of rooms and miscellaneous features (i.e. vaulted ceilings) of the home will provide buyers with the information they need.

Tenants– If you have a tenant in your home, clearly communicate your expectations about showings.  Some homes are very difficult for buyers to view when tenants are uncooperative.

Accessibility– Believe it or not, I have been unable to show homes due to issues with keys.  Make sure your locks don’t stick and that the locks work.  Give your real estate agent the correct keys needed to unlock the front door, garage, shed, etc…  Test the keys to make sure they work!

Don’t stay home– Many buyers feel uncomfortable if the seller is present during showings; try to make arrangements to leave the home during showings.

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