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Real estate tip #1 for sellers in Colorado Springs

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The real estate market is competitive in Colorado Springs and sellers need to be aware of similar homes that are for sale and how they stack up against their own.  Many sellers are unaware of other homes for sale in the area that are not only selling for less, but are also in better condition.  No wonder their home is not selling!

Sure buyers like all of the extra bells and whistles in a home but when it comes down to it, they prefer a lower mortgage payment instead of all of the upgrades. Avoid doing any major improvements to your home, instead, focus on curb appeal, de-cluttering, and staging your home.  If you have completed any major upgrades, you may not see a large return on your money depending on the type of upgrade completed.  Ask your Colorado Springs Realtor about what upgrades or improvements you should make to your home in order to sell quickly.

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