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Should you provide a home warranty?

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There are so many different incentives sellers offer to buyers in Colorado Springs and a home warranty is one of them.  Many buyers in today’s market often request a home warranty be provided if it is not already offered by the seller when submitting an offer.

So why do so many buyers want a home warranty?  Many buyers feel comforted with the fact they are protected by a home warranty if something happens to go wrong in the home after purchasing it.

Home warranties coverage varies depending on the type of warranty purchased.  General home warranties usually cover the major appliances,  furnace, water heater, garage door, and ceiling fans.  Sellers have to pay extra to cover central air conditioning, washer and dryer, and refrigerator.  There are a  few companies sellers can choose from including Blue Ribbon and American Home Shield.  They often have a complimentary inspection completed before the warranty is issued, the warranty can be ordered by telephone or online. Basic coverage will cost a seller between $300-$400 for a one-year home warranty and offers the buyer peace of mind.

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