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Should you sell the house to an investor?

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People who opt to sell their home to an investor or company may not always be in a situation of financial distress.  Maybe a seller is in a rush to move and prefers to unload their house as quickly as possible. It may occur where a home owner unexpectedly moves into a nursing home and a decision has to be made about the house.  Family members who are located out of state may feel it’s a hassle to list the home, wait for a buyer, and go through the process (inspection, appraisal, etc…).

Carefully weighing out the options before deciding to sell to an investor is wise.  After meeting with a real estate agent you should have information about the home’s market value in addition to an estimate of net proceeds.  Investors should give you a price of what they are willing to pay for the home as well.  Take some time to crunch numbers and find out which option will work out best for you.  Although, you do not have to pay commissions to any real estate agents when selling to an investor, the sales price of the property will likely be lower than its market value.

Ultimately, your decision will be impacted by the goals you have in mind.  For those that just want to sell the house and do not want to deal with the home selling process, selling to an investor may be the option they choose.  Others who prefer to net more (unless is’s a short sale situation), may decide to hire a Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent to assist them.

Keep in mind, the seller can price the home competitively in order to sell it quickly and potentially, still make more than selling it to an investor.  Sellers who do make the choice to sell to an investor or company, should consult with an attorney to ensure everything in the transaction, including transfer of title, is done properly.

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