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Spring Lawn Care Tips – Colorado Springs Homes

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Blade to Blade Lawn & Landscape has provided a few tips to prepare your lawn for the upcoming season.

Lawn Success/Survival for 2013:

This year will probably be a challenge for front range landscapes, but it does not have to be a death sentence. Adherence to some basic principles will prove valuable and keep your lawn out of a life and death situation. These areas will need to be focused on for maximum turf health to help keep things happy and healthy:

1. Adequate and proper watering techniques. We have a guide listed on our website that will help fill you in on the specifics.

2. Consideration of utilizing an E.T. irrigation system, if you want details about this ask us and we can explain what exactly this is.

3. Proper fertilization. We will be utilizing a new fertilizer this year that will help condition the soil as well as address the basic nutrition needs of the plant. Over time this product will help alleviate lawn stress by building a healthier root system and helping the soil to retain moisture by increasing the organic content in the soil. We are the only supplier/provider for this product in the county and we are very excited to help our customers with this new weapon in our arsenal.

4. Liberal use of wetting agents. You have probably used products such as Revive. This will also help alleviate lawn stress and maximize water utilization in the landscapes.

5. Core aeration.  Aeration is a must and is probably the best thing you could do for your lawn. It helps to fight compaction, manage thatch, improve air and water circulation and stimulate new root growth. It is a valuable staple and a service included in most of our service packages.

These measures carried out in a timely and routine manner will produce healthy lawns and help stave off lawn stress and disease.


Bio Green Promotion!We are proud to be the new Bio Green dealer in El Paso County. We firmly believe that this new product will revolutionize how we manage our properties and combat stressing lawns. If you are currently a fertilization customer, you will automatically receive this new product on your lawn, but if you have never before had us service your lawn, we are extending a special offer to you. Sign up for a year long service plan (5 applications of Bio Green) and an aeration and we will give you the last application for free!  This is a $35.00 value. This offer will be good for one week, so  reserve your healthy lawn today!

Brian Beck with BLADE to BLADE Lawn & Landscape

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