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Why your Colorado Springs Home Expired – Part 1

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You worked hard to get your home ready to list and kept it clean for showings. Here you are months later and your home never sold and may not even had many showings either. You’re probably thinking, all this work for what? My home hasn’t sold and here I am, so now what?

Homes usually expire for one of these reasons in Colorado Springs:

1. The home is overpriced

2. The condition of the home

3. The location of the home

4. Inexperienced real estate agent

Homes that expire in Colorado Springs are most often overpriced. Look
through the list above, can you figure out why your home expired?

Usually, sellers do not understand the current real estate market in Colorado Springs and want to list their home at a price that the market in Colorado Springs is not willing to pay for.

There is so much competition among homes in Colorado Springs and if sellers want their homes to sell instead of sit stale and expire, than the price has to be within the market values of the area. Deciding on a list price should be a team decision between you and your realtor. It is important to listen to the advice of your Colorado Springs Realtor when it comes to pricing your home.

Although it may be upsetting that your home may not sell for how much you thought, it is even more upsetting for many sellers to overprice their home only to see it expire months later. If you are unwilling to sell your home for the market values in your area than you may want to hold off on selling for a while and look at other options.

If you had minimal showings while your home was for sale, it was more than likely priced too high for the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market.  If you re-list your home at the same price, it is likely you will have the same results because it is still probably overpriced!

If you are serious about selling your home, contact your Colorado Springs Realtor to assist you.

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