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5 factors for home buyers that are parents-to-be

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Buyers may want to consider additional factors when looking for a home if they are parents-to- be or plan on having children in the near future.  Below are some things to keep in mind when making a decision on a home to buy in Colorado Springs.

1.) Floor Plan – Are all of the bedrooms on the same level of the home?  If the home has a main level master bedroom tending to a newborn may be more difficult if the parents have to constantly run upstairs in the middle of the night.  If there are not enough bedrooms on one level, parents may feel uncomfortable having a young child sleep in the basement.  Stairs may also become an issue when babies start rolling and crawling requiring child safety gates.  Pay attention where the stairs are located and how many sets of stairs there are in a home.

2.) Location – Being close to their children’s activities in addition to having grocery stores, parks, and schools nearby is convenient for busy parents.  On the other hand, some prefer to live outside of town on a larger lot and compromise nearby conveniences.

3.) Lot – Pay attention to the back yard including it’s size, layout, landscaping, and what is around it.  Sloping or tiered lots may be more dangerous for young children.  There may be a drainage ditch behind the home which may be unsafe for children.  Xeriscaped lots may be less maintenance but depending on the type of materials used (e.g. all rock), children may not have an adequate area to play.  Homes on busy roads may also pose risk to children if they play in the front yard.

4.) Neighborhood – Checking on the location of sex offenders in the neighborhood and how close they are to the property to be purchased is important.  Parents should frequently check for sex offenders in the area since they may move into a nearby property at any given time.  Does the neighborhood community host events for parents and their children to participate in such as summer concerts or an Easter egg hunt?  Is their a recreation center in the neighborhood for the family?  Is there a swimming pool that can be used by residents and if so, is their a lifeguard on duty during hours of operation?

5.) Schools – Parents have many options when it comes to schooling for their children; performing research about the school district, private schools and charter schools in the area, or local resources for parents who home school may help buyers narrow down where they would like to live.

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