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5 tips when buying a house sight unseen

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Ideally, buyers want to see the home they are purchasing but seeing a home in person is not always an option depending on the buyers’ current situation.  Depending on the real estate market, homes can sell quickly making it difficult for out of state buyers.  Fortunately, there are many great tools available to home buyers now that were nonexistent years ago.

Hiring the right real estate agent to assist you in this adventure is key.  Find someone who…

  • ◊ Works as a full-time Realtor®
  • ◊ Is not afraid to use technology to make the most out of your home search
  • ◊ Has excellent communication skills and is honest
  • ◊ You trust since she will be going through so much of the process on your behalf
  • ◊ Has previous experience assisting home buyers purchase a home sight unseen

1.) Have great online resources – Whether your real estate agent sets up a custom home search for you or you prefer a specific real estate website, utilizing an online resource that is easy to navigate, view homes, and leave notes is important during the process.  Having online resources to help you research neighborhoods, crime statistics, and school reports is critical.

2.) Preview homes – Have your Realtor® preview homes on your behalf and if possible, take video and additional photos in order to make the narrowing down process easier.  If you are available while your agent is previewing homes, using facetime or skype so you can virtually walk through the homes with your agent is a good idea.  Have your real estate agent video or take photos of the surrounding homes and neighborhood to give you a better idea of the general area of where the home is located.  Use google maps to view nearby trails, parks, and shopping centers.

3.) Measurements – Since you are not available to view the home in person, have your Colorado Springs Realtor® provide measurements for bedrooms and living spaces, openings, garages, outdoor decks or patios, and sheds.  Spaces can be hard to visualize through photos (especially if a wide angle lens is used) or video.  By having the true measurements, you can confirm that your king size bed will fit in the master bedroom or the sectional you own will fit in the living room.

4.) Inspection– Hiring a home inspector (and any other inspections you deem necessary) is very important when purchasing a home.  Ensure the inspector provides a thorough report since you cannot be present for the inspection with detailed information about the home in general, any issues or problems with the home, and photos.  Many home inspectors are also happy to meet with a new homeowner after move-in to provide an educational walk through about the home and where important components can be accessed.

5.) Convenience – Your real estate agent should make signing documents and contract paperwork as effortless as possible.  Having to mail, fax, or scan documentation can be a hassle.  Having the ability to sign all documents electronically will save you a lot of headache!

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