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5 Important Things Buyers Should Pay Attention to While House Shopping

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It can be so easy to overlook details when you look at house, after house, after house.  Keep the number of homes you look at in one day manageable so you don’t wear yourself out and so you can have enough time to look at the homes that interest you. 

  1. Proximity to other homes– Homes in some neighborhoods are much closer together than in others.  Before you walk inside, take a look at how close the home is to the others around it.
  2. Windows– Builders should position homes in such a way that the neighbor’s windows do not line up with those of the home next door, but this is not always the case.  Take a look out of the windows to see what kind of view you have.  If the blinds are closed, the seller may be trying to hide something.  I was recently in a home where every single window on one side of the house lined up with the windows of the neighbor’s home next door.
  3. Drainage–  Pay attention to the slope of the lot, does it slope downward toward the home?  If so, rain may find it’s way into the basement.  Don’t forget about the driveway.  I have seen a few driveways that slope downward into the home and that could mean trouble if there are heavy rains. 
  4. House Direction– Purchasing a North facing home in Colorado Springs may not seem like a big deal until you get hit with a snow storm.  The snow that accumulates will take much longer to melt than if you were to live in a South facing home which means more ice on your driveway.
  5. Foundational issues- If you see large cracks in the walls, doors that do not close properly, heaving floors, there may be a problem with the foundation. 

By paying attention to potential problems in advance, you will save yourself valuable time during your home search!  With the abundance of bank owned properties and short sale listings in Colorado Springs, be aware of the possible repairs or purchases that will be required in order for you to move in (i.e. new carpet, exterior paint or siding, or new appliances).

Happy House Hunting!

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