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Don’t forget to get the sewer line scoped!

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ThereInterior of a typical water-closet with brush. are various inspections buyers can have performed when purchasing a home in Colorado Springs.  Many home buyers choose to have a general home inspection but overlook something they cannot see, the sewer line.  Buyers do not want to deal with a sewer backup after moving in.

General home inspectors do not evaluate the condition of the home’s underground waste line since they do not have the proper equipment to inspect it.  A home’s sewer line can be defective regardless what age the home is but homes built prior to the early 1980’s are usually more of a concern due to the materials used for  sewer lines during those years.  The older the home is, the more likely it is that the sewer pipe is made up of clay or ceramic material.  Homes with sewer lines made from older materials vs. PVC sewer pipe that is used today can have more problems.  Unlike newer homes, older sewer lines also have joints where issues can develop.

Issues with older sewer lines can include cracking, breaking, root infiltration, improper slope, or a collapsed line.tree

Homes in older areas of Colorado Springs tend to have mature trees which can be problematic.  Find out if the homeowner routinely services the sewer line.  Tree roots can creep into the waste line and if left untreated, could cause joints in the sewer line to be offset.

There are many drain cleaning companies in Colorado Springs that can perform a sewer scope.  The charge for a sewer scope can vary but it is typically around $150.  The technician, scopes the sewer line from the house to the street with a video camera and will point out the material of the line and any problems or areas of concern.  The technician should give the buyer a DVD with the sewer scope to keep for records.  Keep in mind, if the sewer line is not clear, the technician cannot scope it.  There is an additional cost to clear the line if the buyer decides to continue with the sewer scope.

Cost for inspections can add up but a sewer scope inspection should not be overlooked.  The cost of a sewer scope is much less when compared to thousands of dollars that may be spent on a sewer line repair or replacement.

By having a sewer scope completed, buyers are made aware of the condition of the sewer line and if any routine maintenance or repairs will be required.

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