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Colorado Springs Homes: Municipal vs. District Water

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Water supply may be overlooked by buyers when purchasing a home in Colorado Springs. With the exception of well water, homes in Colorado Springs are supplied with Municipal or Association/District water. Municipal water is provided by Colorado Springs Utilities while the water for newer areas such as east of Marksheffel Rd, is provided by Districts.

One difference between the utility company and water districts is where the water comes from.  For example, Colorado Springs Utilities provides water from reservoirs while the Cherokee Metropolitan District’s utilizes well water.  Residents within the Cherokee Metropolitan District may notice a slightly different taste in the water since it has more minerals and adjustments may have to be made when cleaning around the house since hard water can create more buildup.

Many of these districts have water restrictions unlike home owners whose water supply comes from Colorado Springs Utilities. Homeowners in areas with District water may prefer to Xeriscape to make the exterior easier to maintain.  Also, water districts may require a minimum monthly service even if the home is not occupied.  If you are concerned about water restrictions, find out if the home you plan on purchasing is located in a Water District.

El Paso County offers a comprehensive list of Water Districts on their website.

Claremont Ranch and Cimarron Hills: Cherokee Metropolitan District

Meridian Ranch: Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District

Woodmen Hills: Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District

Security: Security Water District

Widefield: Widefield Water and Sanitation District


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