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Easy Cabinet Makeover!

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If your cabinets are outdated and you do not want to spend large amounts of money on new cabinets then keep on reading this blog.  There are many ways to renovate dated cabinets and one way is to paint them and make them look distressed and you should be able to complete the project without spending more than $30-$50!

Step 1: Go to your local hardware store and purchase:

1.  A pint of black paint (you may need more if you are painting many
cabinets).  Make sure it is oil-based paint because the latex-based
paint will gum when you sand the cabinets later in the process.
2.  Pick out cabinet hardware if you want to change the existing hardware
on your cabinets or add it to cabinets that did not previously have any hardware.
3.  Painters Plastic
4.  Paint brush
5.  Very Fine Sand Paper (avoid coarse sand paper)
6.  Tape

Step 2: Take the cabinet doors off and lay them down on painters plastic.

Step 3: Tape areas around the cabinet unit that you will be painting to avoid getting paint on the walls.

Step 4: Paint the cabinet doors and the cabinet with the black oil based paint and wait for it to dry (see drying
instructions on paint can).

Step 5: Take the sand paper and begin randomly sanding along the edges of the cabinet doors.  If you sand all of the
edges the same, it will not look distressed.  The paint should come off easily and you should see the original (lighter) wood stain below.

Step 6: After all of the paint dries, put the cabinet doors back on the newly painted cabinet unit

Step 7: Drill holes (if the cabinet did not previously have hardware) in the cabinet door in order to attach the cabinet hardware.

Now you have renovated your dated oak cabinets to appear distressed.  Neat huh?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and have fun with your new project!

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