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Sellers, review online listing information

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The majority of buyers go online to find homes for sale in Colorado Springs, particularly, members of the armed forces that relocate to one of the military installments in our city.  If your home is not advertised online, your home is not getting the necessary exposure to potential home buyers out there; especially if your home is located near the military bases in town.  Additionally, many out of state buyers who consider retiring in Colorado Springs look on the Internet and you are missing out if your home is not on there.

Once your home is posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) it is often syndicated to other websites.  If an error about the property is made in the MLS, that error will carry through to any other sites that the information is sent to such as

Ask your Colorado Springs real estate agent to print out the information about your home that is posted in the MLS or send you a link to the listing online for review.  Thoroughly look over all of the property detail information and inform your agent of any changes or corrections that need to be made.  If your home has central air and it is not listed in the MLS, your home may not be considered by buyers solely looking for homes that have air conditioning.

Some agents do not fill out the property description/remarks or thoroughly fill out all of the MLS listing information (e.g. window type) for a property and although some details may seem insignificant, it is important they are included.

Are the items that are included and excluded correctly listed?  If the washer and dryer are listed as inclusions in the MLS and you plan on taking the appliances to your new home, you may encounter problems with the buyer who is under the impression that they stay with the home.

Are the specific schools for your area listed?

Did the agent include directions to the property?

Is the property tax information correct?

Are room measurements listed?  Room sizes are important to many buyers especially if they have large furniture.

Are miscellaneous items such as auto sprinklers, vaulted ceilings, or a security system noted?

Are the types of flooring properly specified?  Some agents will indicate a home has hardwood flooring when it is actually wood laminate.

Work with your agent to correct errors or add information in the MLS listing early on so you can ensure your home is accurately presented online to potential home buyers.

If you adjust the price of your home, the information does not automatically change on every single website so your agent will need to update any price changes online.  If you reduce the price but buyers looking online still see the outdated original list price, you may lose buyers.

Did you paint the house or upgrade the kitchen?  If so, you want updated photos of the home online as well.  If your home has been on the market a while, the exterior photo may need updating as well.  An exterior photo of a snow covered yard when the home is on the market during the summer months needs to be changed.
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