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Research vacant land near a home

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It is easy to focus on the house and lot you are looking to buy and forget about the surrounding area.  In many instances, there is vacant land near the home or behind the home.  Buyers should research how the land will be used in the future years to come and how it is zoned.  The land may be used for road widening, commercial real estate (i.e. shopping center), multifamily or residential real estate, or apartments.  Land may remain vacant if it is a designated conservation area or the location of a detention or drainage facility for the city.

There are many ways to find out more information about vacant land near a home.  If  buyers plan on building a new home, they can ask the builder or builder’s representative for more information but should still complete additional research to make sure the builder’s information is accurate.  Buyers can also check with the city of Colorado Springs, General Land Use and Zoning Information online ( or phone the zoning department for the City of Colorado Springs at 719-385-5905 for more information.

It may be difficult to find out what specifically will be built in an area if there are no developments in place for the land yet.  If  zoning for a lot is in place, such as a business center, buyers will have  better idea of what will be built in the open space.  It is helpful to know how a vacant area is zoned but there are still a wide range of options for what can be built in a zoned area.

Don’t forget to research open space near or around the home you are thinking about purchasing!  Finding out if a large shopping center is going to be built behind a home you like may impact your decision one way or the other.  If you are buying a new home and love the mountain views, find out if those views will eventually be obstructed by other homes or buildings.

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