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Should I finish the basement in my home?

By in Selling On March 17, 2011

Homeowners often wonder if it is worth finishing the basement in their home, especially if they plan on selling it in the near future.  Many home buyers like finished basements when looking for a home but is it worth the expense for the seller?  Some homeowners choose to hire a professional contractor to finish their…

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Want more showings? Remove these barriers!

By in Selling On May 5, 2009

Clutter - Removing clutter will make rooms appear more spacious and clean.  Cluttered rooms make it difficult for buyers to clearly visualize their own belongings in the home. Cleanliness- Keeping your home clean for showings takes work but a messy home is not appealing to a prospective buyer in Colorado Springs.  Make your home stand…

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No Showings? Take Action!

By in Selling On May 1, 2009

Increasing the chances of your home selling in the current market takes more work than it did in the past.  It is still a buyer's market and with many homes for sale in Colorado Springs, marketing your home properly has never been more important. One of the most crucial factors in getting your home sold…

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Colorado Springs Homes – Remodeling your bathroom

By in Selling On December 30, 2008

  Before you start gutting your bathroom, I would suggest setting a budget for your project so you stay on track and don’t dump so much money into one area forces you to skimp on other important areas.  Sure it’s a small room, but you would be surprised how quickly you can go through your…

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Why your Colorado Springs Home Expired – Part 3

By in Selling On September 30, 2008

If your home is off a busy street or inconveniently located, it may have expired for that very reason.  Location is very important to buyers in this market.  With increasing gas prices, many buyers are looking for a home near their place of work so they can save money on gas or ride a bicycle…

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Why your Colorado Springs Home Expired – Part 2

By in Selling On September 15, 2008

The condition of your Colorado Springs Home could be another reason your home expired. There is competition among sellers in Colorado Springs when over 6,000 single family homes are for sale in El Paso County. If your home is not in good condition then it is unlikely it will sell unless you price it well…

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