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Buying a home in Colorado Springs – the walk-through

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If you buy a home in Colorado Springs, you will most likely perform a walk-through of the property prior to closing day.  The purpose of a walk-through with your real estate agent is to ensure that the home is left in the same condition agreed upon by all parties of the purchase contract.

If a seller agrees to include all stainless steel appliances in the kitchen but removes them prior to closing and replaces them with different appliances, the buyers and their agent would realize the appliances were removed during the walk-through and the issue could be addressed before closing.

There are various items to check during the walk-through of a home in Colorado Springs:

Are there stains on the carpet, missing or broken tiles, does the wood flooring have large scratches or discoloration in areas?  Some of these things may not become apparent until after the sellers remove the furniture and rugs from the home.  Keep in mind some normal wear and tear is to be expected in an existing home though.

Is there any damage to the home as a result of the seller moving out such as holes in the drywall?

Double check that items to be included with the home are still there and that excluded items have been removed by the seller.

Were the inspection items the seller agreed to take care of completed?  Going through the list of inspection items during the walk through is helpful; the seller will usually bring the receipts to closing or leave them in the home to be picked up during the walk-through.

A walk-through is also performed when buyers purchase a new home in Colorado Springs.  During the initial walk-through, the builder will explain the home’s main components (e.g. furnace) and any imperfections with the home such as paint touch ups are noted and taken care of prior to closing.  On the day of closing, the buyers complete a final walk through to make sure all of the items they identified in the previous walk-through were taken care of.  Builders will normally fix any additional issues that arise one month after the buyers move in and once more at the one year mark.

Even if buyers are out of town, someone they trust can perform the walk-through on their behalf.  Although a home may appear to be in great condition, having a thorough inspection completed and performing a walk-through prior to closing is essential.

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