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Colorado Springs Real Estate: 5 most common inspection items

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1. Furnace cleaning and service– It is very common that the furnace burner is dirty and requires cleaning and servicing.

2. Broken Vacuum Seals– Over time, windows with broken vacuum seals will cloud up more and more with condensation until it becomes difficult to see out of the window. Replacing the glass in the window can take care of this cosmetic problem.

3. Roof problems– Shingles that are blistered, damaged by hail, cracked, or weathered are not uncommon in Colorado Springs. Make sure the roof is inspected before purchasing a home in Colorado Springs.

4. Gas Leaks– Many buyers in Colorado Springs are often alarmed when the inspector finds a gas leak in a home. Gas leaks from the fireplace, water heater, or furnace are not uncommon and can be taken care of by a HVAC professional.

5. Dead Switches/outlets or connection problems– There is usually at least one switch or outlet in a home that is wired improperly. A licensed electrician can repair switches or outlets with connection problems or reverse polarity.

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