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Real estate tip #2 for sellers in Colorado Springs

By in Selling On July 2, 2008

The market in Colorado Springs has changed and so has buyers’ expectations; don’t expect to sell your home for top dollar if it isn’t in tip top condition. Buyers have so much variety to choose from in Colorado Springs and they don’t have to settle for a home that is in less than perfect condition.…

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Should you provide a home warranty?

By in Selling On June 25, 2008

There are so many different incentives sellers offer to buyers in Colorado Springs and a home warranty is one of them.  Many buyers in today's market often request a home warranty be provided if it is not already offered by the seller when submitting an offer. So why do so many buyers want a home warranty?  Many…

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Colorado Springs Home Inventory Statistics

By in Market Reports On June 25, 2008

The real estate market has adjusted all over the country and the area of Colorado Springs is no different.  So far, the number of home sales this year is approximately 8% lower than those of 2007.  What does that mean for sellers?  Do not be unrealistic about the price you can sell your home for in…

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Upgrade light fixtures in your Colorado Springs home!

By in Selling On May 13, 2008

Lighting is often overlooked by many homeowners and upgrading light fixtures in the home can make a home more appealing. If you are planning on selling your home in Colorado Springs, you may want to consider upgrading your light fixtures if they look dated. If they are light fixtures from the 1980's, they are definitely…

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Foreclosure in Colorado Springs

By in News On May 8, 2008

There is no longer a redemption period for homeowners in Colorado Springs as of January 2008.  In other words, once a Colorado Springs home goes to sale through the El Paso County Public Trustee and is sold to a buyer, the homeowner no longer has 75 days to redeem the property like in the past.…

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Colorado Springs Short Sales: Part 5

By in Selling On May 6, 2008

So you have done your research and made the decision to list your home with a Realtor in Colorado Springs.  As difficult as the situation may be selling your home under these circumstances, it is important you continue to keep your home in good condition. There have been many short sale properties I have shown…

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Selling a home in Colorado Springs without permits

By in Selling On May 2, 2008

If you plan on selling a home in Colorado Springs and have a finished basement that has not been issued a permit, you may run into problems when selling your Colorado Springs home. For example, if the buyer is obtaining VA financing, the buyers’ VA loan will not be approved because it will not pass VA’s…

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Colorado Springs Short Sales: Part 4

By in Selling On May 2, 2008

Sellers in Colorado Springs need to research the tax and economic consequences prior to making the decision of whether or not to short sale their home. Until recently, homeowners who sold their home through the short sale process would be 1099ed for the difference.  The homeowner used to be required to pay taxes to Uncle Sam…

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Colorado Springs Short Sales: Part 3

By in Selling On April 29, 2008

You make the decision to call a Realtor in Colorado Springs about listing your home and to discuss the implications of a short sale. My advice to home sellers in this situation is to obtain legal and tax advice because a Realtor cannot advise you in this area.  Conversely, your Colorado Springs Realtor can assist…

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