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Colorado Springs Homes: Make your backyard a more private and relaxing retreat

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As newer homes are going up regardless of price range, builders are packing them in closer together than ever before. Unlike older homes, many of the newer homes have smaller backyards which may cater to those who are looking for low-maintenance yards, but for others, a smaller backyard translates to less privacy.

So how can you make the backyard of your Colorado Springs Home more private?

For starters, put up a privacy fence.  Some homes still have the chain link fences and those are definitely not as private. Keep in mind some Home Owner’s Associations have
guidelines and only allow a certain type of fence (4 ft, split rail, or no fence allowed).  Having a fence not only is an extra barrier to keep intruders out but increases the privacy of your backyard as well.

If you bought a home east of Powers, it is likely you don’t have large trees in your backyard since the Powers area is much younger than other subdivisions. Plant some trees in your backyard for additional shade and privacy. If you don’t want to wait for your trees to grow, plan on spending more for larger, mature trees. Planting flowers, bushes, or trees can make your backyard more private and personalized.

Adding a water feature, a pond, or a fountain can drown out some of the surrounding noise in the area and make your backyard feel more like a private retreat. Adding a fountain is probably the cheapest way to go but adding a pond or water feature will transform your backyard even more. Home Depot and Lowe’s carry pond inserts if you decide to do it yourself. Don’t forget to install a pump to keep the water moving in order to minimize the growth of algae.

Add a patio pergola.  There are so many different designs and types of pergolas available.  There are kits and free plans available to do it yourself as well. You can make it more private and have more shade by growing grapevines, honeysuckle, or other climbing vines to intertwine on a pergola.

If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, walk around the backyard and make sure it is an area that will meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a large private backyard or for something that requires little maintenance, don’t overlook this important detail when viewing homes for sale in Colorado Springs!

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