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Buying Tips

Buying a home at the foreclosure auction in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On August 19, 2011

Colorado is a non-judicial foreclosure state and the El Paso County Public Trustee plays a vital role in the foreclosure process for properties in default that are located in Colorado Springs.  In Colorado, the lender can begin foreclosure proceedings once a homeowner defaults on their mortgage.  It can take approximately 120 days after the Notice…

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5 Items to consider when buying a HUD Home

By in Buying On August 16, 2011

HUD-owned properties can be a good deal but buyers need to be aware of a few differences if they plan on purchasing a HUD Home in Colorado Springs. 1.  Online Auction - All offers are submitted online and investors cannot place a bid on a HUD property until it has been on the market for…

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10 things you need to do before closing on your new home

By in Buying On July 14, 2011

Once the inspection issues have been resolved and the appraisal is in, buyers look forward to closing day especially if they have been waiting on an approval of a short sale for many months.  Below, are a few additional items to take note of prior to closing: 1.) Set up utilities - You can wait…

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Handling advice when you are buying a home in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On May 31, 2011

Looking for the right home to buy in Colorado Springs can be overwhelming for home buyers especially when they sift through advice from family, friends, and coworkers. Buyers may receive unsolicited advice when it comes to how much to offer on a home, type of financing to obtain, how to find bargains, what type of…

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Research vacant land near a home

By in Buying On November 23, 2010

It is easy to focus on the house and lot you are looking to buy and forget about the surrounding area.  In many instances, there is vacant land near the home or behind the home.  Buyers should research how the land will be used in the future years to come and how it is zoned. …

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Advantages for Cash Buyers

By in Buying On November 17, 2010

Obtaining a mortgage loan has become a more difficult and frustrating process for home buyers.  Furthermore, appraisals subject to specific conditions (i.e. roof repair) can cause additional barriers with financing.  Most loans take approximately 30 days to close so buyers acquiring financing cannot always close on a home as quickly as they would like.  Being…

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Homes with Polybutylene Plumbing in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On July 14, 2009

Many homes in Colorado Springs built in the mid 70's through the late 90's had Polybutylene plumbing installed since it was more economical than copper.  It was later discovered the Polybutylene pipes had problems with deterioration in addition to problems with the aluminum fittings.  As you can imagine, this would cause flooding and major water problems for homeowners. Homeowners who have Polybutylene plumbing…

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Buyers in Colorado Springs – Watch for red flags

By in Buying On July 14, 2009

When out looking at homes, buyers can save themselves a lot of wasted time by paying attention to possible problems with the home before submitting an offer.  Many first time home buyers in Colorado Springs are seeking bank owned properties but if the buyer is obtaining FHA or VA financing, FHA or VA guidelines may make…

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Buyers and Bidding Wars

By in Buying On June 15, 2009

Many bank owned properties in Colorado Springs are receiving multiple offers since there are fewer foreclosures available in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market.  The number of foreclosures has not necessarily dwindled, it seems as though banks are choosing to create a demand for these types of properties by releasing a few at a time…

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Building an Addition to your Colorado Springs Home

By in Buying Tips On December 28, 2008

You may want an additional bedroom, an office, or want to expand an existing room for more space. Building an addition to your home may be a good idea but weighing out the advantages and disadvantages in advance is a must. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, the addition may not…

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