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5 things you need to know before offering on a short sale

By in Buying On May 11, 2012

Buyers now are aware that there isn't anything short about a short sale when it comes to waiting for bank approval.  Many banks have taken steps to expedite the process but let's face it, short sales take time.  Buyers who have flexible living arrangements and have time to wait have more of an advantage over…

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What do the KIDS say about the house?

By in Buying On November 9, 2011

Most home buyers who are parents will have their children come along when looking for the right home to purchase.  Some kids are more patient and well behaved than others but they all have one thing in common:  a reaction. Parents and their Colorado Springs real estate agent should pay attention to the child’s reaction…

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Should sellers stay home during a home inspection?

By in Selling On November 3, 2011

If you are selling a home for the first time in Colorado Springs, you may not know what your role is in certain aspects of the transaction.  For example, many home sellers do not know whether they are should be present during the home inspection.  The majority of home buyers hire a professional home inspector…

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New Homes in Colorado Springs – Century Communities

By in Buying On September 14, 2011

[video style="width:100%;height:auto;" flv="" poster="" preload="auto"]   Century Communities currently has two new home sites in Colorado Springs:  Barrington Heights and The Vistas at Nor'Wood.  Both communities are located in the Northeast area of Colorado Springs in School District 11 and conveniently located near Cottonwood Park, schools, and shopping. Barrington Heights is located on the corner…

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Buying a home at the foreclosure auction in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On August 19, 2011

Colorado is a non-judicial foreclosure state and the El Paso County Public Trustee plays a vital role in the foreclosure process for properties in default that are located in Colorado Springs.  In Colorado, the lender can begin foreclosure proceedings once a homeowner defaults on their mortgage.  It can take approximately 120 days after the Notice…

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5 Items to consider when buying a HUD Home

By in Buying On August 16, 2011

HUD-owned properties can be a good deal but buyers need to be aware of a few differences if they plan on purchasing a HUD Home in Colorado Springs. 1.  Online Auction - All offers are submitted online and investors cannot place a bid on a HUD property until it has been on the market for…

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10 things you need to do before closing on your new home

By in Buying On July 14, 2011

Once the inspection issues have been resolved and the appraisal is in, buyers look forward to closing day especially if they have been waiting on an approval of a short sale for many months.  Below, are a few additional items to take note of prior to closing: 1.) Set up utilities - You can wait…

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House direction – Does it matter?

By in Buying On July 12, 2011

If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, the orientation of the home may be an important factor to you.  It's easy to forget about snow in Colorado when looking for a home during the warm months and although we may not receive as much snow as in previous years, it does…

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Buying a home – Can you have it ALL?

By in Buying On July 11, 2011

You are a responsible adult, ready to buy a home, and start the process by getting prequalified for a mortgage loan.  You contact a reputable Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent and list your specifications for the home you would like to purchase. You start looking at homes and unfortunately, not one of them you view…

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