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Month: December 2008

Colorado Springs Homes – Remodeling your bathroom

By in Selling

  Before you start gutting your bathroom, I would suggest setting a budget for your project so you stay on track and don’t dump so much money into one area forces you to skimp on other important areas.  Sure it’s a small room, but you would be surprised how quickly you can go through your […]

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Colorado Springs Real Estate – Loan Modifications

By in Mortgage Info

There are options outside of foreclosure available to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.  Many banks have taken measures to slow down foreclosures and help troubled homeowners.  Citibank not only has put a moratorium on foreclosures into effect, it is even communicating and working with homeowners who are not currently in foreclosure […]

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Understanding Property Taxes in Colorado Springs

By in Buying

Many home buyers and sellers in Colorado Springs become confused when it comes to property taxes. Hopefully this post will help clarify how property taxes are paid each year for a Colorado Springs home. Property taxes are paid in arrears. You actually pay your 2008 property taxes in 2009 since taxes are paid for the […]

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