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10 Valuable Resources for Home Buyers in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On December 31, 2008

The area you decide to buy a home in can be driven by many factors whether you want to live near your place of work, in a specific school district, a low-crime neighborhood, or an area that aligns with your hobbies or lifestyle.  Once you find a home in an area that suits your needs, there…

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Colorado Springs Real Estate: 5 most common inspection items

By in Buying On October 29, 2008

1. Furnace cleaning and service- It is very common that the furnace burner is dirty and requires cleaning and servicing. 2. Broken Vacuum Seals- Over time, windows with broken vacuum seals will cloud up more and more with condensation until it becomes difficult to see out of the window. Replacing the glass in the window…

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Colorado Springs Real Estate – Using your 401K for down payment

By in Buying On September 2, 2008

Most lenders require a down payment in order to obtain a mortgage for a home in Colorado Springs.  FHA loans only require 3% down from the buyer unlike many conventional loan products that require at least 10% down. Many buyers who do not qualify for down payment assistance programs and do not have available funds…

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Bank owned properties in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On August 18, 2008

  There are many bank owned properties for sale in the Colorado Springs area and many home buyers are looking for a bargain. Bank owned properties are generally listed below market value but that is not always the case. In other words, just because a property is bank owned, don’t assume it is a bargain!…

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Can I buy a home in Colorado Springs with no down payment?

By in Buying On July 17, 2008

With financing regulations tightening up in the mortgage industry, many buyers ask if it is still possible to purchase a home in Colorado Springs with zero down. Due to the sub prime mortgage mess, many of loan products are no longer available to buyers such as the 80/20  or 100% financing options. There are options…

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Now is the time to buy in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On July 11, 2008

Many buyers are reluctant to step into the market to begin looking for a home in Colorado Springs and are waiting for prices to drop even more. Although house prices are a factor, don’t forget about interest rates. Interest rates are expected to climb and a buying a house with a higher interest rate can…

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Buyers, beware of incentives when looking at homes in Colorado Springs

By in Buying On June 26, 2008

Many sellers are offering creative incentives to buyers to make their home stand out from other houses for sale in Colorado Springs.  Sellers are offering cruise tickets, televisions, closing costs, and even offering to pay a buyer's  HOA dues for an entire year.  Although a plus, incentives should not heavily influence a buyer's decision when…

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Buyers can expect to see higher rates for mortgage insurance

By in Buying On June 6, 2008

If you are going to purchase a home in the Colorado Springs area and are going to obtain a loan without making a 20% down payment, mortgage insurance will be part of your monthly mortgage payment. Read Also: Buying a home in Colorado Springs and Private Mortgage Insurance With the increased numbers of foreclosures, lenders…

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