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Buying Tips

Relocating to Colorado Springs? Check this out!

By in Buying On March 24, 2014

If you are thinking of relocating to Colorado Springs, feel free to contact me for a Free Relocation Package.  Even better, click on the link below to view great information about Colorado Springs including various areas, builders, and things to do in our beautiful city with 250+ days of sunshine each year! Colorado Springs Relocation…

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Colorado Springs Home Buyers, Have A Plan!

By in Buying On March 23, 2014

Many home buyers interested in purchasing a property in Colorado Springs say they are ready to buy but are not always prepared. Timeline:  Not only does it take some time to find a home but typically, around 30 days to close on a property.  If the property is a short sale, it may take longer. …

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5 tips when buying a house sight unseen

By in Buying On January 23, 2014

  Ideally, buyers want to see the home they are purchasing but seeing a home in person is not always an option depending on the buyers' current situation.  Depending on the real estate market, homes can sell quickly making it difficult for out of state buyers.  Fortunately, there are many great tools available to home…

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So you want to find a bargain?

By in Buying On December 13, 2013

With foreclosures down in the city of Colorado Springs, the demand among buyers for finding a good deal has become more of a challenge compared to a few years ago.  Buyers who are looking to purchase a home as a primary residence are competing against investors and cash buyers in the current real estate market…

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Don’t forget to get the sewer line scoped!

By in Buying On August 28, 2013

There are various inspections buyers can have performed when purchasing a home in Colorado Springs.  Many home buyers choose to have a general home inspection but overlook something they cannot see, the sewer line.  Buyers do not want to deal with a sewer backup after moving in. General home inspectors do not evaluate the condition…

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Don’t wait until last minute to perform your walk through

By in Buying On August 16, 2013

The walk through is one of the last steps in the buying process of buying a home in Colorado Springs.  It is not uncommon for buyers to schedule their walk through of the home they are purchasing the day of closing and in many instances, immediately before closing. If nothing goes wrong, a walk through right…

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Buying a home in Colorado Springs? Have a Plan B

By in Buying On March 14, 2013

Everything appears on track and you schedule your movers and services for your new home.  Closing day arrives and you are told that closing will have to be delayed for one reason or another.  Now what?  It is not uncommon for closing delays to occur so buyers may want to have a plan where they…

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5 things you need to know before offering on a short sale

By in Buying On May 11, 2012

Buyers now are aware that there isn't anything short about a short sale when it comes to waiting for bank approval.  Many banks have taken steps to expedite the process but let's face it, short sales take time.  Buyers who have flexible living arrangements and have time to wait have more of an advantage over…

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What do the KIDS say about the house?

By in Buying On November 9, 2011

Most home buyers who are parents will have their children come along when looking for the right home to purchase.  Some kids are more patient and well behaved than others but they all have one thing in common:  a reaction. Parents and their Colorado Springs real estate agent should pay attention to the child’s reaction…

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