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selling a home in colorado springs

How a pre-listing inspection can save you money

By in Selling On March 14, 2014

The real estate market is constantly changing.  Another recent change that will impact home sellers is the inspection. Buyers often hire a home inspector once they go under contract and then put requests in writing for any repairs. Buyers and their Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents are usually very specific as to who needs to…

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The real estate market in Colorado Springs is changing

By in Buying On May 2, 2012

The inventory in Colorado Springs has dropped considerably compared to previous years.  There are around 3,000 single family homes actively for sale right now in El Paso County and less than 1,500 homes for sale below $250,000.  There are also 1,200 fewer single family homes on the market than this time last year.  Buyers recognize…

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Should sellers stay home during a home inspection?

By in Selling On November 3, 2011

If you are selling a home for the first time in Colorado Springs, you may not know what your role is in certain aspects of the transaction.  For example, many home sellers do not know whether they are should be present during the home inspection.  The majority of home buyers hire a professional home inspector…

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Sellers, review online listing information

By in Selling On July 1, 2011

The majority of buyers go online to find homes for sale in Colorado Springs, particularly, members of the armed forces that relocate to one of the military installments in our city.  If your home is not advertised online, your home is not getting the necessary exposure to potential home buyers out there; especially if your…

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You may not want to sell your home right now unless….

By in Selling On April 29, 2011

The home is priced right - Bank owned and short sale properties are still around and will probably continue to be a part of our real estate market for the next couple of years.  Although these types of properties are normally distressed, they appeal to many buyers since they are often priced below the market. …

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Should I finish the basement in my home?

By in Selling On March 17, 2011

Homeowners often wonder if it is worth finishing the basement in their home, especially if they plan on selling it in the near future.  Many home buyers like finished basements when looking for a home but is it worth the expense for the seller?  Some homeowners choose to hire a professional contractor to finish their…

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5 more reasons you are not getting showings

By in Selling On February 20, 2011

The real estate market in Colorado Springs is competitive and if your home is not receiving showings it is important to figure out why. Here are five more reasons you may not be receiving showings on your property: 1.) Days on Market - If a home has been on the market for many, many days,…

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